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Rural development

Danish Solar Energy has since 1993, developed Solar Systems worldwide. Below you can read about some of the development projects we have been involved in. We have more than 15 years of experience with production, mounting and we help our customers through the project, from idea, coordination, planning and all the way to realisation.

Development projects

- Senegal - Solar power water pumps

- Afghanistan, street light systems

- Iraq solar power for homes

- Iraq - Red Cross - Complete PV solution

- Ethiopia -Save the Children - Complette solar water-pumps

- Bolivia - solar power, complete village solution

- Nigeria- radio network

- Peru - radio communication

- Tanzania - for housekeeping, water supply, lighting and tele communication

Other projects

- UNDP - United Nation DP, Complete Solar Power Packs - 100Wp Packs & 200 Wp Packs
- NDF - Nordic development fund, Solar/Diesel Water supply systems
- Israel Stand alone System for water supply, lighting and telecommunication
- Toga, Stand alone System for housekeeping, garden/street light, radio communication, Sun/wind generator
- Pakistan lighting and tele/data communcation systems - Afghanistan tele/data communckation systems
- Haiti, Communcation systems - Solar cells and wind generators
- National Teatret Guinea - lightning and sound system

Total stand alone PV systems - more than 10 MWp

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