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Complete Stand-alone solutions

Stand-alone solar electricity systems or solar home systems are used when no electricity grid is available. A battery is needed
to ensure the availability of electricity at night. These Kits can cover the most basic needs as lighting, TV or radio, water pump, wireless phone, refrigerator, electric tools (drill, sewing machine, etc) and a VCR. The system consists of a solar panel, a control unit, battery storage, cables, the electric load and a support structure.

With mono-crystalline modules  
Thin film modules
Kit 20 Watt  
Kit 50 Watt  
Kit 75 Watt  
Kit 110 Watt  
Kit 150 Watt  
Kit 220 Watt - 12/24DC- 110/220VAC  
Kit 225 Watt  
Kit 330 Watt - 12/24VDC - 110/220VA  
Kit 440 Watt - 12/24VDC - 110/220VAC  
Kit 450 Watt  
Kit 660 Watt - 12/24VDC - 110/220VAC  
For mounting solar modules at ground see Mounting racks (pdf)
Information about complete Water pumps solutions
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Information about complete street light solutions
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Information about complete tele-communication solutions
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Further information about our flexible solar power systems (pdf)

Water purification solutions for:
- Relief work, refugee, camps etc.
- Military, emergency management agencies.
- Households, municipalities. Construction camps and remote areas.
- Contaminated surface water in rural areas in all tropical zones
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Mobile sun/vind generators and Aerogen
Mobile Sun/Wind Generators read more....
Aerogen Wind Generatorer read more....
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