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150 Watt solar power system

General Description :
Power System 150 Watt solar power
system for applications with 8,4 Amp.
Solar charge requirement. Consisting
of 2 pieces 75 watt solar electric modules,
regulator, cabling and clips for installation, 2 maintenance free Gell batteries 90Ah/12V.

Technical Specifications:
System consist of the following components :
- 2 pieces of: Single crystalline Solar modules of type 75 Wp. The solar modules are designed to meet or
exceed the environmental requirements. Power rating 75 Watt at 17V/4,4 A

Solar charge controller:
The charge controller is a 12 Volt, 15 Amp solar charge and 20 Amp consume output, ensure overcharge and low voltage protection.
The controller has the following performance:
Solar module inputs. 20 Amp
Load output: 20 Amp fuse.
LED indications of charging, blown fuse.
Protect against, low voltage discharge, battery overcharge and load short-circuit.

Module structure:

2 pieces of module support structure type UNI, for mounting of 2 modules of type 75.Wp
The structure is made of aluminum capable of high withstanding wind speeds. Adjustable tilt angle.
The structure is equipped with all necessary nuts and bolts of stainless steel.


2 piece High quality Sealed, maintenance-free Gel battery with 800 cykles life type DSGEL90, 90Ah/12 Volt.
Total battery capacity 180 Ah.
- 10 meters of cable 2x6 m2 for inter module cabling.
- 1 cable for Parallel mounting of the batteries.
- Safe packing for transport of the equipment.
- Complete installation pack

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumable:

The following accessories can be bought separately:
- DSGEL90 High quality Sealed gel-cell batteries, 90Ah/12V.
- Solar panel 75Wp
- Complete installation pack


- estimated weight:79,41 kg

Shipping details:

Batteries are approved for airfreight. However, due to weight, sea-freight is recommended unless for emergency delivery/use. The panels should be cleaned (water/soft brush) at regular intervals to assure maximum effect.

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