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Solar power for communication

Danish Solar Energy PLC, offer complete photovoltaic solutions worldwide

Our Solar power systems is designed to operate in all weather conditions, and is complete maintenance free for may years, only inspection is required once a year, this gives a high benefits compared with use of diesel/gasoline generators.

We design all types of communication systems, with our own develop software that have integrated the most important geographical data from most of the world.

We have more than 12 years experienced with project management, systems design, production and installation of all types of photovoltaic power. Some application Telecommunications, base stations, repeaters. Measuring station, for weather and other applications Military applications Navigation lights

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Cost calculations relating to the procurement, operation and maintenance of already operating systems show that a PV system for telecommunication facilities have a breaks even after 3 to 4 years.

See our catalogue: Solar power for Tele communication (pdf 1,46MB)

For mounting the solar modules: Mounting racks (pdf 332KB)

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