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Top Quality Crystalline solar modules produced in Denmark

HEM® photovoltaic is owned by Danish Solar Energy Ltd. We have been in the photovoltaic modules production since 1993 and are considered as one of the pioneers. All our high quality modules are produced in Denmark and they always come with optimal performance. The unique, automated production process ensures the highest level of precision and consistently high production quality. The machine finishing produces a highly homogeneous design. We neither compromise the quality nor the environment.

HEM-PV® Modules 12 Volt:
* Datasheet for HEM 36M5F 70Wp - 95Wp download
* Datasheet for HEM 36P6F 120 Wp download
* Datasheet for HEM 40P6F 140Wp - 145Wp download

HEM-PV® Modules 24 Volt:

* Datasheet for HEM 72M5F 160Wp - 190Wp download White,Black or Transparent
* Datasheet for HEM 60P6F 200Wp - 230Wp download Poly
* Datasheet for HEM 60M6F 220Wp - 245Wp download Mono

Option - choose between white, black or transparent backsheet.
Silver or black frame or no frame at all.


HEM Photovoltaic produces a broad range of high quality modules for building integration BIPV on roofs, facades, shading and windows as well as our standard modules to ground mounted or tracker systems. We use the newest technology. This allows us to deliver top quality and the finest design to our customers.
Building integrated photovoltaic products
Transparency glass PV modules
Custom design....please contact us
Development of prototype....please contact us

For further information about the products please contact us

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