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Why we should care about renewable energy

Renewable energy is basically clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Renewable energy has been used for thousands of years. Homes have been built to use the sun's rays to warm them in the winter. People and companies have used solar water-heating systems. Others have installed photovoltaic panels to make electricity. Still others have tapped the heat below ground in geothermal electricity systems, direct-use geothermal, or ground-source heat pumps.

What are the benefits of renewable power?
Choosing renewable power provides many benefits:

- Making use of secure, indigenous and sustainable natural resources
- Helping to keep our air clean
- Potential to reduce the production of carbon dioxide - a leading
contributor to global climate change
- Helping to create jobs
- Establishing export of renewable power technologies
- Nationwide, reducing dependence on imported oil

By purchasing electricity generated from renewable resources or installing a renewable energy system on your home, you can demonstrate your commitment to a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

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