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Solcell tlf. (GmBh), Danish Solar Energy International, was established in 1993 and is one of the pioneers in the photovoltaic business. We produces the high quality photovoltaic modules from Denmark, and have through the years done many related types processes from Module manufacturing to complete system provider.

Main nature of business: Manufacture of modules, BIPV modules, Solar Cell Systems (Turn Key Solutions)– design/development, consultancy, project management, electronic hardware, is authorized distributor for Solar World (former Shell / Siemens Solar), Uni Solar and Fromius in Denmark, has been authorized distributor for Siemen’s Solar since 1993.

Primary Products or Services Provided
Development, production and sale of all types of photovoltaic modules, advanced electronic control systems for solar cell systems (e.g. solar charge controllers and photovoltaic inverters), Hybrid modules and sun/wind generator systems for projects in developing countries. Renewable Energy Consultancy (Turn Key Solutions) including dimensioning of solar cell systems, implementation of low-energy components and design and planning of complete electric generator systems based on photovoltaic.

We have undertaken projects around the world as, most of EU, South America, US, Africa, Scandinavia, Greendland and the Middle East. (E.g. for the Danish Government - DANIDA)

Existing International Experience/Co-operation
Partner of Solar World (Shell)/Uni Solar/MSK/Fronius photovoltaic technology.

Production (how is the primary product(s)/service(s) produced, what are the key processes concerned, how is the process organised e.g. involvement of sub-contractors/out-sourcing) The production of electronic control systems is subcontracted to various manufacturers of electronic equipment.

Description of environmental
The company has comprehensive know-how and experience with development and implementation of solar-power for various purposes (light, telecommunication, air-conditioning, water/air pumps, etc.). In addition, the company is experienced in working in developing countries and has experience in training/technology transfer. Finally, the company has access to a broad range of hard-ware/solar cell equipment.

The company is strong on product development, electricity supply i.e. solar power know-how as well as access to hardware.
The company experience with development of various electricity supply systems based on solar power.

We offers with our advance electronic and quality solar cells complete Turn Key Solutions for grid-connected and stand-alone PV-systems to companies, institutions and private houses. We plan and coordinate the entire project from idea to realization.

Electronic controller systems for photovoltaic stand-alone systems, water pumps, water cleaning and hybrid solar/wind generator systems. We has developed software, which employs solar data from all geographical areas to calculate dimensions for grid-connected as well as stand-alone solar cell systems. Besides calculating the electricity production, the software also calculates the environment factors, such as reduced outlets of CO2, NOx and SO2 .

Dansk Solenergi has developed the world´s first online analog PV calculating guide for the Internet.

Projects in developing countries
We have specialized in complete ecological energy and water supplies to rural areas without or with inferior infrastructure, such as production of electricity and water pumping from PV. Related to that, we have developed a controller for direct solar pumps, which start pumping from the break of day and ensure optimal production from the pumps. The solar pumps offer a clean alternative to fuel-burning engines, generators and windmills.
See development projects

We offers within the fields of:
- Design and planning - solar/windgenerators. - PV modules - Electronics – low energy consumption equipment.
- Photovoltaic modules in all shapes and colors - BIPV, Hybrid modules
- Lighting systems with very low energy consumption
- Water pumping from for deep wells and long pipelines.
- Water cleaning system (drinking water).
- Display units(display PV-in / out Watts, also big sizes).
- Power distribution units.
- Module mounting systems.
- Module wiring units.
- Inverter DC/AC – AC/DC - DC/DC Inverter units

We also develops electronics
And have developed a patented controller, which improves the efficiency of stand-alone generators. It also overall reduces losses and heat emitting from diodes up to 300 times. The patent improves the efficiency off stand-alone systems with at least 5 %.

We has developed the mobile solar/wind generator systems. Based on the Hybrid regulator the generator ensures DC and 230V AC supplies at remote locations. The mobile solar/wind generator system were developed for mobile water supply and water cleaning systems, and is mounted into a solid state 80x100x120 cm standard container. The system is assembled and ready for operating in a few hours. The mobile solar/wind generator systems are produced on request and might be altered within the limits of the container to meet specific demands for other geographical locations.

Mobile generator: Sun-basic 275, Sun- basic+ 460, Sund basic+//Win

We are authorized dealer of Solar World, Fronius, Grundfoss, Danfoss.
Solar Boost - MPPT PV Charge Controller

Products: complete solar water pumps systems, solar water cleaning, wind generators, solar vaccine refrigerator, low energy equipment for solar generator, inverters DC to AC, solar air-condition and mobile water pump/cleaning systems.

MPPT PV Charge Controller gets up to 30 percent more energy out of your PV modules?
This maximum power point tracking.

Our production and development is done as environmentally right as possible. We use materials and production methods that have the least possible damaging effect on the ecological system and our own working environment.

Projects industry
Grid connected projects
Stand alone systems - development
Stand alone systems

Our vision
...our dream is a world that empowers people to use solar energy without limits...
Our vision means:
Providing best-in-class consulting advice, equipment and services that are vital to expanding our customers' energy capabilities. Behaving as citizens of the world, and valuing the positive influence multicultural societies have on our company. Being the partner of choice because we collaborate closely with customers, will be there wherever, whenever they need us and are highly accountable. Earning the trust of customers and our employees not only for the result we achieve, but how we achieve the

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